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You may use select a discipline to identify doctoral candidates and recent PhDs studying Japan in that discipline. Optionally, you may limit your search to a particular institution, to one country, or to a particular region or a specific state or province. After you have made your selections, click on the SEARCH button to bring up the list of results, which will include the names of the doctoral candidates in alphabetical order, with their institution, department, and location. Click PRINT to print the criteria and the resulting list.

Information on doctoral candidates, including the 2015-2016 updates, was provided by programs and Japan specialists and is therefore only a partial list. We have included all those who were reported as having completed the degree since 2011-12, and we have removed the names of those who were reported as no longer in the doctoral program without having completed the degree. If the candidate has completed the degree, PhD will appear after the name, followed by the year of the degree if we have that information.

Doctoral Candidates and New PhDs by Discipline:Discipline
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