This website displays the information collected from the Survey of Japan Specialists and Japanese Studies Institutions in North America in 2011-2012 and partially updated in 2015-16. About half of the specialists, programs, and libraries took the opportunity to update their entries. Only names of faculty, staff, and doctoral candidates, contact information, new academic degrees and recent job changes by specialists have been updated. You may browse or search for specific information under the four categories of Programs, Specialists, Libraries and Museums, and Doctoral Candidates.

Click on one of the headings above to see the available ways to browse and search the data. Within each search, you may select specific categories and also limit your search by country, region, or state/province. The search will return a list of the programs or specialists who meet the criteria, which may be printed out. Clicking on the name of a specialist or institution in the list will bring up a full pdf of the directory entry, which may be printed out or downloaded. The pdf will indicate whether it was “updated in 2016.”

See the About This Website section for further information about the study plus pdfs of the complete volumes of the directory and accompanying analyses of the current state of Japanese Studies in the United States and Canada.